Why Use Shot Blasters for Concrete Surface Preparation?

Need to prep a concrete surface for further treatment? There are lots of good reasons why you should use concrete shot blasters for your project. Concrete shot blasters are available as walk-behind or ride-on machines that project steel shots towards a concrete surface at high speed to prepare that surface for treatment. Here is a look at some advantages you stand to gain by using these machines.

Safe to use and good for the environment

Concrete construction works often elicit a number of health and environmental concerns that must never be overlooked. First of all, there's the use of toxic construction chemicals that may harm site workers and also get released into the environment. Then there's the danger that silicosis-causing concrete dust will find its way into the atmosphere from the work site. All these hazards can be avoided by using shot blasters. These machines do not require the use of any harsh, health-deteriorating and non–eco friendly chemicals. What is more, there's no dust exposure, as the machines usually come equipped with filtered vacuum attachments designed to collect dust and other debris immediately after they are produced, resulting in safe and efficient disposal of the elements.

Better-quality finishes

The surface texture resulting from shot blasting is usually very rough. This results in improved adhesion because the top coating with infiltrate the coarse surface and sink in securely. Hence, shot blasting increases the durability and longevity of protective surface finishes, as the finishing products adhere much better to shot-blasted surfaces. In addition to that, the finished surface will be completely free of chemical deposits, dust, or scaling that may tarnish the look of the finished surface.

Faster project completion times

Shot blasting is a quick single-step method to remove, clean, and profile concrete surfaces for touch-ups and overlays. It provides remarkably fast work times without compromising on the accuracy of blast patterns. This means you can embark on the surface-coating work immediately after the blasting is done.

No water needed

In concrete construction works where dust levels need to be kept down, several gallons of water are often used up. With shot blasting, no water is used, yet dust levels are minimized, and the surface is left dry and clean. This helps put available water to better use.

Shot blasters can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you need to use these machines for your particular project, shot-blaster suppliers can help you choose a suitable model.