Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair Tips

A commercial refrigeration system is important to maintaining proper and safe food storage. When your commercial refrigeration unit malfunctions, you must ensure it's repaired quickly. Doing so makes sure that food is consumable. Additionally, your operations will be compliant with the health code regulations.

The following are some incredible tips on commercial refrigerator maintenance, troubleshooting and repair:

Power Issues

Does your commercial refrigerator seem not to be running? Check to see if it's turned on. If it doesn't run after you've powered it on, ensure it is correctly plugged to the power outlet.

If you're still experiencing issues, the problem might not be the unit but power supply. Ensure the ground wires and outlet is active. At times, faulty wiring can result to short circuits. Check the wiring and plug to see if anything is loose or broken. Utilize a voltage detector to confirm the outlet has voltage.

Temperature Problems

Are you having problems with your commercial refrigeration temperatures? Does it have cooling issues? If you have temperature problems, you need to solve the issue quickly.

Primarily, check if it's placed against the wall directly. You must place it slightly away from the wall in order to enable it to circulate air properly.

Most if not all commercial refrigerators are tailored to withstand countless closing and opening operations. However, the gaskets can suffer from wear and tear, thus causing temperature problems.

Ensure that your refrigerator's door is closed and sealed completely for the unit to properly perform cooling processes.

Lighting Issues

If the lighting system in your refrigerator isn't working, you should look at the system itself. Various brands utilize LED lights. If you're to replace a bulb, ensure it is verified and approved by the manufacturer. Anything contrary to this runs the risk of burning out electrical sockets.

You should carefully go through the manual that accompanies your commercial refrigerator to ensure you're utilizing the recommended repair options.

Last Resorts

Have you tried to troubleshoot your commercial refrigerator and failed to pinpoint the specific problem? If yes, then you'll need to consult a reputable commercial refrigeration repair service. Several brands make it stress-free to locate a service provider(s). If your appliance is under warranty, you should check the warranty details to ensure the repair you or third parties conduct do not void the warranty.

Regular maintenance by a professional technician helps identify both major and minor problems. An expert also tells you whether you should replace or repair your commercial refrigerator.