High-Paid Welding Opportunities

If you are interested in welding, you need to know the opportunities available to you so you can best plan how to build your career in metal fabrication. The following are some options for a few well-paid welding careers.

Basic Requirements

Before you begin dreaming about large numbers you could make in certain welding fields, it is important that you meet the requirements for the welding positions. For a majority of welding positions, you will need to train hands on and then pass examinations to receive the correct certification. These certifications will usually be industry specific. You can earn multiple certifications so that you will have the ability to move up to manager, where you will oversee a number of welding types. The best way to earn more money in the welding field is to have experience. The more experience you have, the more money you will receive.

Underwater Welders

There are a lot of benefits to this job, even though you will need to pay in the beginning to have the certification and training necessary. This job typically includes welding pipes for oil rigs and would give you an opportunity to see different parts of the world. The typical salary per year is $100,000 to $200,000 and is determined based on your experience.

Industrial Pipe Welders

An industrial pipe welder will work with metal fabrication in all parts of the world. This job deals with pipes that will contain chemicals, gas, or power that could be dangerous for people if they are not properly sealed. In order to have this job, you need to be a precise individual, and you will earn more if you are willing to travel. Once again, having training in this specific field will give you more opportunity to receive high pay.

Military Support Welders

In this area of welding, you would earn a relatively low amount to start, but you would have the potential to grow your salary with your experience. The number of job openings for welders within the US army is growing. These welders are usually stationed at camps and can be relatively out of danger's way. However, if you work in a more dangerous area, you have a higher chance of being paid more. This is also a very important job, as you will be working on tanks and other army equipment. If you try to work too quickly, or if you are not careful, then mistakes could cost lives. Accuracy is pertinent to maintaining a job in this position.