Why Your Goods May Need A Crate During Transport

If you are planning to dispatch goods somewhere, be it gifts or manufactured goods being delivered to outlets, it is important to have them packaged in the right way. Packaging ensures that your goods get to the recipients in good condition. Crates are a common packaging method, and if your goods fit any of the descriptions below, then you may need to use them for your transportation needs.

Your goods are very heavy and need mechanised handling

One reason to order crates before transporting your goods is if they are very heavy and need mechanised handling during the transport period. Thanks to a crate, heavy goods can be carried easily using forklifts and cranes. They can also be carried with ease by people via the handle slots, as opposed to holding the goods directly. All this makes handling easier and faster. It also reduced chances of your goods getting damaged during handling.

Your goods are too large to fit on a pallet

One distinct reason why you may need a crate when transporting goods is if they are too large to fit on a pallet. Although pallets are available in multiple custom sizes, they may be inadequate where the goods in question are large or of abnormal dimensions. In such cases, crates make it possible to package the said goods no matter how large they are. Good examples here include machinery, equipment, vehicles, construction materials, etc.

Your goods are delicate and need protection all around

You may also want to package your goods inside a crate if they are delicate. Crates are tough and go a long way in protecting goods inside them from damage during handling, storage or in case of minor accidents during transit. In addition to that, use of crates allows insulation material to be added to the packaging to further protect your delicate goods. Examples of goods that fall under this category include paintings, vases or finished goods without exterior packaging, e.g. cars.

Your goods need to be secured in a certain position during transit

Some goods may need to be secured in a certain position during transit to keep them from getting damaged or from toppling over and falling off. This refers to goods with irregular shapes. With such goods, pallets cannot get the job done. Instead, crates are used. With crates, the goods can be fastened either on the floor or on one of the wall panels. Examples here include construction parts, equipment parts or machinery such as motorbikes.

There are two ways to get the goods you need before having them transported across the country. One, you can order the crates and then pack the goods yourself. Two, you can arrange with a crate manufacturing company like 1/2 Price Pallets to send the goods to them; they will then design the needed crates and then send the goods to the receiver or back to you while already packed.