A Comparison Between Steel and Aluminium Transportable Buildings

You may be undecided about whether you should hire a transportable building made from steel or one made from aluminium for use at a construction site. This article discusses those two options so that it can become easier for you to make a final decision.

Transportable Steel Buildings

Transportable steel buildings have more weight and mass when compared to other options, such as aluminium transportable buildings. This attribute makes the steel building more resilient and stronger than the other options. It would therefore be better for you to rent this building in case you intend to use it for an extended duration, such as more than a year. This is because the building will be less susceptible to being damaged while it is at your site. The steel transportable building will also offer better protection to your materials because it is harder to vandalise than an aluminium building is. However, it is likely to be more expensive to transport this building to your site because of its heavy weight. You will therefore need special equipment to lift the building onto the specialised truck that will transport the building to your site. The same special equipment, such as a heavy-duty crane, will be needed to offload and place the building at the selected installation site. The steel structure will also need to be monitored closely for any sign of deterioration, such as corrosion. Such monitoring will enable you to take prompt remedial action so that you don't incur a surcharge to restore the building to the condition it was in before you rented it.

Transportable Aluminium Buildings

Transportable aluminum buildings are lighter than steel buildings are. This makes them easier to transport to and from your site. They may also be more affordable to hire. Aluminium transportable buildings are suitable for people who need transportable structures for less demanding tasks, such as using them as temporary offices. This is because the soft aluminium can be dented when it is subjected to demanding situations, such as storing heavy machinery that may bump against the structure. It is also easier to conduct modifications to this structure when the need arises at your site. Aluminium buildings also require minimal ongoing maintenance once they are installed properly. Their key downside is that they may not be as safe from vandals as steel structures are. As you can see, both options of transportable buildings have their own upsides and downsides. You may therefore need to describe your needs to an expert so that you get professional help to select the best transportable building for your needs. In this way, you will avoid spending money on a portable building that isn't suitable for your application.

For more information and options, talk with transportable building hire companies in your area.