Industrial Equipment: Critical Factors for Selecting an Efficient Air Blaster

Clogging is a major concern for industrial equipment or machinery with components such as kilns, hoppers, chutes and silos. This is because bulk material clumps together and builds up in these structures, resulting in significant obstructions. Basically, an air blaster or cannon is designed to prevent this clogging problem and promote the efficient movement of bulk materials. Moreover, this device will allow you to achieve maximum storage capacity when handling powdery materials. In general, there are numerous air cannons in the market which you can acquire for your operation, so the selection process can be daunting. Therefore, consider these factors before making your purchase for the best results.

Resilient Construction

The main structure of an air blaster consists of a pressure vessel. This is the container which holds compressed air; this air is released through a valve for de-clogging applications. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the pressure vessel is strong enough to handle the mechanical stress. In ideal circumstances, you should choose a steel pressure vessel. This choice is favoured because the material is highly resilient and will not sustain damage due to the high pressure. Moreover, this metal is relatively economical compared to specialty materials. If you have unique requirements for your operation, you can purchase composite alternatives.

Valve Maintenance

You should choose an air cannon which is designed for easy maintenance. This will reduce your industrial operation downtime and, consequently, minimise your financial losses. In general, the maintenance of the air blaster depends on the removal of the valve assembly. This is the component that will require regular cleaning, possible replacement and other forms of service. Therefore, you should inquire about the process of removing the valve assembly before purchase. Ideally, you should be able to access the parts from one side of the tank, and there should be no special tools required for the process.

Single Valve or Multiple Valves

When looking for a suitable air blaster for an industrial setup, you should think about the number of valves available. If you have a small operation with only a single de-clogging point, you can choose a blaster with a single valve. However, if you would like to release compressed air at different application points, you should consider purchasing a multi valve product. This type of device has a single pressure vessel, but there are multiple independent valves. Ideally, you can also choose multiple single valve blasters, but multi valve option is more economical.