Children First: A School’s Guide to Fire Safety

Children are the future, and their well-being is paramount to you and the society. As a parent, you are tasked with ensuring your child is safe at home. However, you cannot always be there for your kids. They have to go to school, and that is where the school authority comes in. The safety and care of children at school rest with the school's administration. Fire is very dangerous, and the loss of property and lives that can result from it are unimaginable. Consequently, having a working fire alarm system is imperative. A working fire alarm system detects and helps curb fire spread.

What Are the Causes of Fire in Schools?

Parents take children to school so they can learn and develop. A school is supposed to be a safe ground for them, making it worry-free for parents. However, you can't control everything that happens in school so mishaps like fire sometimes occur. 

Below are some leading causes of fires in schools:

Intentional Fires

As the name suggests, the fires are internally set up by malicious students, teachers or workers and are obviously very hard to predict. The viable grounds for such fires are usually trash cans and garbage since they are very flammable. 

School Kitchen

A school has a kitchen with cooking appliances. Mechanical problems in the kitchen appliances could result in a deadly fire. A cook might also forget to put off gas, resulting in an explosion. 

Heat Source Fires

Most schools have a heating source because of different seasons of the year. Things can easily catch fire around a heat source either accidentally or intentionally. It is, therefore, important to keep heat sources out of the bay for any unauthorized persons.

Fault in Electrical Wiring

Faulty wiring and overloading of electricity sources in a school is a sure way to cause a fire. Short circuits sometimes occur, and if there are flammable things around, they can easily catch fire. Building materials used in the school also determines if fire sparks can cause a fire to them.

How Can School Fires Be Prevented?

There is no sure way of preventing school fires. However, the below measures should be taken to ensure that the fires don't start at school for the sake of our children. 

  • Educate children on dangers of starting fires
  • Have a reliable fire alarm system complete with sprinklers and fire extinguishers
  • Use quality electrical wiring materials
  • Ensure access to heat sources is by authorized personnel only