How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Carried out in jewellery and fine art applications, laser engraving is principally an industrial process which uses a laser to make finely positioned marks on an object. Often a professional service that is offered by a laser cutting company, the process does not require tool bits to make physical contact with the surface that is to be engraved. This offers a benefit over traditional engraving technology which requires items like bit heads to be replaced regularly. Read More 

How To Operate Residential Wheelchair Lifts Safely

If you're a wheelchair user, you may very well have considered having a residential lift installed in your home. They can be a great choice and many people find them incredibly useful—but what should you do to ensure you're operating your personal lift system safely? Read on to learn a little more about getting the most out of your new residential wheelchair lift. Make sure you always hit the brakes! Read More 

Learn The Different Processes That Take Place Leading Up To Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most sought after CNC fabrication techniques in the industry. Through laser cutting, you can achieve highly accurate and sophisticated cutting designs with ease. However, do you know just how your laser cut designs come to be or the processes that are required before you can get your amazing pieces of work? Find out below. Step one: Discussing your cutting needs Laser cutting begins with you having a chat with one of the fabrication technicians at a fabrication outlet. Read More 

Factors That Affect the Design of Corrugated Metal Pipes Used in Drainage Systems

Several factors will be considered during the development of specifications for the design of the corrugated metal pipes that will be used as stormwater drains on your industrial property. This article discusses the key factors that the designer will put into consideration. Abrasive Forces Some corrugated metal pipes fail prematurely because the designer of the system didn't pay adequate attention to the abrasive forces that are likely to be encountered by the pipes as they transport fluids. Read More 

The Benefits of Choosing Spiral Ducting for Your Workplace

When a contractor installs a new air conditioning or central heating system in your workplace, they will first fit the ducts. Air is circulated through the ducts and out of vents which are located in different areas of your workplace. You will have the choice of using rectangular or spiral ducting. Below is a guide to the benefits of using spiral ducting. Spiral ducts suffer less wear and tear and help to protect the environment Read More