What to Do When Your Swimming Pool’s Pump No Longer Seems to Pump

It's easy to think of a swimming pool as a still body of water, like your own personal lake. But much like a seemingly still body of water is fed and refreshed by various streams and creeks, the same thing happens with your swimming pool. Your pool's pump keeps the water moving in and out of your pool while it's in operation. When there are problems with the pump, the water becomes stagnant and eventually unsuitable for swimming. In some instances, swimming pool pump repairs can be necessary, but there are a number of minor issues that you can easily take care of yourself.

Check the Pump

The first issue can seem so obvious, but perhaps this is why it can easily be overlooked. Is your swimming pool pump running at all? If you haven't heard the pump for a while, you'll need to inspect it. Check the timer. It can be possible to inadvertently change its settings (or even deactivate it) during regular cleaning and maintenance. Reactive the timer if needed, and manually start the pump to see if it's working.

Mind the Clogs

If the pump is working and yet you cannot see any effect in the water of the pool (such as the jets feeding water into the pool), you need to inspect the skimmer box. Has it been some time since it has been cleaned? A clogged skimmer box can greatly impede water flow in and out of the pool. Empty the skimmer box if needed (and remember to do it regularly). If you have installed a sock for the skimmer box, this should also be replaced. These socks can tear when they become clogged, thus allowing debris to enter the filtration system.

Listen Up

If you are still not able to see a noticeable movement in the water of the pool, you need to listen to the swimming pool's pump. Pay attention for a clicking or dull thumping sound. This can indicate that there's an issue with the impeller inside the pump. The impeller is a rotor that regulates the pressure and flow of the water as it moves through the unit. It should be replaced if you notice these audible warning signs. A replacement of this part can be quickly carried out by a professional, and is generally not so expensive.

Hopefully any issues with your pump can be swiftly remedied, returning your pool to perfect working order, once again making it your own personal lake.