What You Need to Know About Leaf Nets Used as Pool Covers

Ideally, your biggest desire is to keep your swimming pool as clean as possible. This will significantly lower the time and cost incurred to reopen and start using the pool after it has been lying fallow for long periods. For safety and other functional reasons, most in-ground pools aren't completely drained despite the fact that you won't be using them during the winter. Algae, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms take such opportunities to thrive on decomposing leaves falling in your pool, posing a health hazard. This is why you should invest in nets to maintain the aesthetic and functional value of your pool. The following are some of the commonly asked questions on leaf nets.

What Net Technology Should You Look Out For?

When buying a leaf net for your swimming pool, its construction is key to ensuring that you get the most of it. First, you need something that is durable and won't need to be replaced after using it for a few months. Woven polyethylene structured into a tight mesh is an ideal alternative. The material is made by weaving high-density extrusion coating and polyethylene with another layer of impermeable, low-density polyethylene. After that, the closely-knit structure is subjected to heat to ensure that the layers fuse together permanently. This offers perfect resistance to puncturing, tearing and stretching. Examine the product labels carefully before paying to ensure that you're getting the most reliable material.

Why Use a Leaf Net When You Already Have a Winter Cover?

Besides a winter cover, you need the additional assurance of a leaf net for optimal pool safety. Consider that the winter comes with a large amount of snow and some rain before the weather turns favourable again. The build up of water weighs down the winter cover and forces it to pull towards the middle of the pool. Dry leaves also add to this weight, especially when they pile and freeze into solid blocks.  A leaf net reduces the impact of the weight of all this material by enabling you to remove the frozen leaves, which would have otherwise fallen directly on the winter cover.

What Should You Consider About Installation?

A leaf net is something you'll probably use very often to keep your pool clean. It should be easy to put up and remove from the pool when need be. Preferably, the net should come with grommet borders for ease of installation and removal. Grommet borders have edge strips or rings fitted on holes so that you can easily insert ropes on the leaf net and cast it over your pool.