Strategies to Ensure that Reclaimed Blocks are Usable

"Environmentally Aware," "Eco-Friendly" and "Green" are words that come to mind when referring to facilities that care for the environment. One way that firms contribute towards environmental sustainability is through reclamation of bricks. While you can buy recycled bricks, you can source them from structures in your facility or premise. However, reclaiming blocks is not enough. Recycled blocks should remain usable for the purpose you intended. The strategies highlighted in this post are a guide to ensure reclaimed bricks are, for the most part, usable. Read More 

Agricultural Equipment: Handy Maintenance Tips

Heavy machinery is crucial in the productivity of your farm. Since investing in this equipment can be quite expensive, it would be paramount to ensure that you are taking good care of it. Moreover, the heavy usage that this equipment is exposed to would make it susceptible to developing premature wearing, which can significantly hamper the efficiency of your agricultural equipment. Below are some of the handy tips you could use to ensuring that your equipment stays in optimal condition while giving you the chance to spot any problems before they can become gravely aggravated. Read More 

Benefits of PVC Doors for Industrial Use

PVC doors are becoming a popular choice of door for most industrial facility owners. Compared to other types of doors, PVC doors features a wide variety of beneficial qualities. They provide hygienic, easy and safe access for industrial equipment and workers. Modern industrial sectors such as food processing, storage and shipping, manufacturing and others make use of PVC doors for their facilities because they help them to keep detrimental components such as pests or bugs from entering the facilities. Read More 

Why Your Goods May Need A Crate During Transport

If you are planning to dispatch goods somewhere, be it gifts or manufactured goods being delivered to outlets, it is important to have them packaged in the right way. Packaging ensures that your goods get to the recipients in good condition. Crates are a common packaging method, and if your goods fit any of the descriptions below, then you may need to use them for your transportation needs. Your goods are very heavy and need mechanised handling Read More 

Cooling Tower Design

Cooling towers break down heat in chemical plants, large offices, and power plants, buildings with large air conditioning and heating units, and even malls. These towers are broken into typically, four classifications, by build, by air draft, by airflow pattern, and heat transfer. Building a cooling tower has several steps, the identification of a need, which leads to the identification of a specific model, which then help create the necessary characteristics, and finally, the parts needed to function. Read More