Machining titanium | What you need to know when cutting this metal

Titanium is a material that's used in a vast number of industries including automotive, aerospace and the medical field. It's got a density close to half that of steel, and its exceptional resistance to chemicals and acids makes it a preferred metal for many. So if you planning on switching from other metals such as steel to titanium in your machining applications, then you can be assured that you've made the right choice. Read More 

Injection Moulding: Benefits of Using It with Plastic

If you are in the industrial and manufacturing industry, chances are you work with plastics on a routine basis. If you are looking for an efficient processing technique to maximise on the use of your plastics, you should consider injection moulding. Below are some of the different benefits of plastic injection moulding for your processing and manufacturing needs. Plastic injection moulding provides you with precision  A major benefit of injection moulding is that it offers you a higher degree of precision when compared to other processing techniques. Read More 

Do You Love It? Coat It; 4 Reasons Why Your Garage Needs Protective Coating

Your garage is not just a place where you park your car. You may like to spend some time there alone admiring your new ride or just listening to a CD from your new ride. It's very refreshing when you walk into your garage and find it sparkling. Applying protective coating on the floor of your garage not only hides the ugly cement look but also gives the room a major facelift. Read More 

A Comparison Between Steel and Aluminium Transportable Buildings

You may be undecided about whether you should hire a transportable building made from steel or one made from aluminium for use at a construction site. This article discusses those two options so that it can become easier for you to make a final decision. Transportable Steel Buildings Transportable steel buildings have more weight and mass when compared to other options, such as aluminium transportable buildings. This attribute makes the steel building more resilient and stronger than the other options. Read More 

Partitioning Your Office: Why Your Office Needs a Facelift

Your office should be a place designed to motivate you to work. An office is no longer just a desk and a chair. Whether it's in your house where you sit and review your bills or in a building, it should be a sanctuary. If your employees have been gloomy of late, try changing your office appearance and design and notice the difference. Aluminium fabrications are critical to portioning your office. Read More